YONCALIK LTD. is a reliable supplier for companies who need castings as raw or machined. Our product range includes the following materials: grey cast iron, Ductile iron, steel casting for wear applications such as manganese steel casting unalloyed, low-alloy and alloy steel casting parts. According to need of customer , we can supply parts with added value t his me ans; we can make additionel operations after casting such as, machining, milling, assembly, Heat Treatment, Coating. Our group consists of one export company (YONCALIK) and two foundries, which specialize in cast iron and cast steel. Both are ISO 9001 certified.

Our foundry equipment consists of a medium-frequency induction furnace with a capacity of 500 kg / hour.

In addition to hand moulding we also use the shell molding process for precise surfaces. Cores are produced by shell molding process and by a CO2 (aminegas) core machine. Our foundry is spacialized on hydraulic parts, valve parts,tool parts and wear-resistant cast steel. Our sales to Germany is annually around 1.200,000 €
We supply castings as needed with Certificate 2.2 according to EN 10204 and EN 10204 Inspection / 3.1B. Our laboratory equipped with spectrometry, microscopes for micro structure analyses and hardness tester. Our state lab KOSGEB make mechanical and nondestructive tests such as strength, röntgen and crack testing for us.
Our company is dueto a strategic position (address) in industrial city Konya has many advantages ,those can be offered to its customers. There are lots of metal parts suppliers in our city, so we can deliver our castings after additional operations as value added parts.
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